Episode 1 is FINALLY Here!

The first episode is here! Holy shit, this podcast is actually real. 

In this episode Chelsea sings a near perfect rendition of the English-language version of O Canada, while Katherine explains what Pokemon are and predicts the next man to fall in Hollywood will be Woody Allen. She's a psychic, pretty sure.  

Here’s what we talked about in this episode:

DaShawn Horne - Give your extra $$$ to this man and his family. 

Lorde and the Grammys

The Cleveland Indians are still racist as fuck.

Telephone poles are instruments of racism and White Supremacy.

O Canada got a great lyrical update.

Women outnumber men in Oxford’s incoming class, FUCKING FINALLY. 


Enjoy listening! See you next week! 


PS: Hey, Chelsea here. I know that I forgot to talk about the article on women’s anger that I mentioned to Katherine in the beginning of the podcast, but it’s first on the list for next week.